Simply Flowers® is a series of beautiful and functional photo designs placed on high-quality textiles for your home. Flowers and buds are fascinating right down to the smallest details.

Naturally Inspired

Versatile for beverages of any temperature, our 8-ounce classic ceramic mugs feature a natural bamboo lid to use on-the-go.

Large enough for a multitude of uses around the home and office, our thirsty cotton tea towels measure 20 by 27.5 inches.

A taller version of our classic mugs, our 12-ounce big mugs offer the same beauty and utility for beverages or use them as containers.

Danish Design

Good taste comes from within. Each piece in the Simply Flowers® collection is a work of art, showcasing a delicate young bud and a confident full bloom. The idea conveys the splendor of nature, from the most fragile moment to the most triumphant.